gifts are re green and funny and design wear vegetarians-t-shirts, aprons, shoes and hats, bags and ties. Designs are vegetables and food and cuisine and culinary. Art is kitchen, cards, clever, t-shirts, hats, cards, peace, peas, beets and beats and music. Greens are fun and potatoes and totes and aprons. Piece signs and graphics are funny and fun and great gifts. Lettuce is healthy and carrots are green and karate is funny. Yams are popeye and cartoons and you might want a date if you are a kid or an adult or a boy or a man or a girl or a woman. Killer greens are entertaining and good for entertainment and parties. Culinary art and designs are good for the planet and great presents. Leeks are funny and chilies are hot and you should chill out and make my day and bake my day and you should give peas a chance. Give peace a chance. Yams should smoke pipes. Sailors say I yam what I yam. Sailing is fun and popeye loves boats and ships. Pears are perfect and an Anjou is a great pear and great fruit.