Investment Strategy

Kent Circle Investments seeks to add value by identifying financial, physical or operational enhancement opportunities that we can capitalize on through active asset management.  We have expertise across all real estate property types including office, industrial, retial, multifamily, hotel and land.  We use a contrarian approach, at times going against conventional market trends uncovering unique opportunities often ignored by other investors.  Often, these opportunities are sound but overlooked due to capital constraints or perceived complexity.
Kent Circle Investments focus is on major markets across the United States and we perform thorough analysis and due diligence prior to investing.  We maintain a disciplined investment strategy and are prepared to hold assets long term.


The Seldin family legacy began in the late forties. It all started when Millard Seldin’s father, Ben Seldin, posted $500 as collateral to secure a construction and FHA loan to build their first spec house on a vacant lot in West Council Bluffs, Iowa. – The two men made for a fantastic team, Millard would handle the construction and Ben managed the sales process.

They moved their company to Omaha in 1958 after acquiring multiple farms (ultimately over 1000 acres) along West Center Road, which was later master-planned into the Westwood and Montclair communities. These subdivisions played a big part in the migration and growth of West Omaha.

Millard Seldin formed several companies and was the founding member of the family owned Seldin Development and Management Company. The company grew through well-calculated investing based on strict risk management principles. The philosophy early on was to establish a timetable for diversification, which empowered the company to go on to build over 3,000 homes, 3,900 apartments, 1.5 million square feet of commercial property and 5 hotels.

In 1990, Millard Seldin co-founded Southwest Value Partners (SVP) in Scottsdale, AZ - a private real estate investment firm. SVP’s contrarian investment strategy enabled them to buy apartments, land and over 30% of downtown San Diego’s Class A office market in the mid-nineties during the Resolution Trust Company (RTC).

In 2000, after separating from partners in Omaha, Millard and his son Scott Seldin formed Seldin Real Estate, Inc. based in Scottsdale, AZ. They currently invest in and operate a diverse real estate portfolio spread across the United States through Kent Circle Investments Kent Circle Investments, LLC was formed in 2002 as the investment platform for the next generation of the Seldin Family and focuses mainly on properties located in the Southwest region.

Kent Circle Investments has a long history of both developing properties from the ground up and investing in repositioning and value add assets. Experienced leadership within Kent Circle Investments identifies opportunities to add value to the portfolio while minimizing risk using top-down research-based investment disciplines. Kent Circle Investments is laser focused on the acquisition of high-quality assets and has the ability to perform in all market conditions.